We are a creative agency specialised in software production. Ours is a dynamic and fast growing enterprise.

The secret of our success lies in using a software development process that is “agile”: this approach is also sustained by our ability to fully embrace innovation and by the creativity that stems from our acknowledged track record in the field.

We offer a digital service. We are well aware that not everyone is a programmer. We don’t expect our clients to be IT experts. Our own business is not about dealing with IT problems, but rather it offers commercial solutions to maximize profits.

Virgo Systems is a limited company that is managed as a holding. The development of software, the running of projects and other IT activities are carried out at our headquarters.

Ever since its foundation, the main challenge Virgo Systems has had to face has been its tremendous growth. The company, which started off in a garage with three friends, now employs 75 people.


 Mission statement

Our business is not about dealing with IT problems, but rather offering commercial solutions to maximize profits.



We believe that even the best intuitions can be turned into value only through teamwork. The ideas our clients put forward are developed cooperating with them at every stage of the project, from development to end-user result evaluation. In this process every single team member adds value to product creation. Our strength lies in how the team works, from conducting a thorough examination of the issues to evaluating the situation and finally to coming up with a solution that garners everyone’s approval. All this is achieved through an excellence methodology that makes the whole process agile, efficient, and effective.


 We are agile

Our goal is to come up with the best possible product at the lowest possible cost in the minimum time.

This process to create value leverages on our methodology, an agile procedure at the core of our software development practice.



Virgo Systems skilfully combines into perfect harmony its own innovation-oriented mind-set with the experience gained over 15 years of activity.


Chief Executive Officer

Aside from the Business & Finance diploma earned at Frederick Community College (Washington, D.C.), Bence Laczkovich received a diploma in Italian Studies from the Science University of Szeged (Hungary) and a specialization in legal and financial translations in Siena, Italy.

Bence founded and managed several companies, particularly in the real estate sector, then to become Virgo Systems’ CEO in 2008. Bence has acquired extensive knowledge in the development of start-ups and in attracting investment.


Founder, Sales director

Having graduated in Computer Engineering, Ákos Gordon started off his career in the IT Department of the Hungarian National Museum. In 2000 he founded, together with a friend, Virgo Systems Kft, a company that focused on software development, but which in time turned – thanks to the numerous orders commissioned – into a firm specialised in full-scale IT project management. In 2007 he was appointed Head of Sales of this dynamic and ever-growing company.

Miklós, GUTHY

Chief Operating Officer

An economist, with a Master’s Degree in International Management from Corvinus University (Budapest, Hungary), Miklós Guthy attended a one-year course at the University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Miklós worked for nearly eight years in consulting. He then joined Virgo Systems and, before being appointed for the current position in January 2014, worked within the firm as international new business developer.


Chief Technical Officer of TestJockey, Senior consultant,

After earning a degree from the Science University of Szeged, Hungary, Zsolt Bányai started working as programmer for several companies, among which Kirowski, a software house well-known in Hungary. Zsolt has joined Virgo Systems in 2004 and has taken part in various strategic projects of the firm ever since its foundation.

Balázs, CSAPÓ

Creative Director, Designer

After pursuing Marketing and Advertising studies at the Business Academy of Budapest, Hungary,  Balázs Csapó attended a digital design course at MOME.

Balázs started his career as copywriter in advertising and then worked for two years as a designer in Tokyo, Japan and in Budapest.

He worked as Marketing and Sales Director for Kürt Zrt., one of the best-known IT firms in Hungary. In 2005 Balázs founded the Onoffline company, a design house that is still in the market. Since 2011 he manages all creative work in Virgo Systems.

Péter, KOMÁR

Chief Financial Officer

With a Degree in Economics and Business, Péter Komar had already started working as an accountant while he was still studying: he was employed in 2006 in a publishing house in Budapest and then became CFO of Lighthouse Training Kft.

In February 2013 he joined the team of Virgo Systems and was appointed CFO.



The original company  was founded by three childhood friends, if not exactly in a garage, then in a small apartment in downtown Budapest.
The company is now a middle-sized firm with 75 employees and is constantly growing.

  • 2001
    Project: development of a software for the simulation of macro-economic dynamics for the Ministry of Finance
  • Project: integrated networks for the Postal Services
  • 2002
  • Project: online research engine for Telekom’s phone directories (telecommunications company)
  • Project: traffic monitoring system for Budapest’s local administration.
  • 2003
  • Project: online research engine for data and business contacts in Telekom’s database
  • Project: database management for an event magazine
  • Project: management system for bank credit documentation
  • 2005
  • Project: CMS development for Invitel, TLC company.Project: Phone number request system with inherent reply mode via Text message, commissioned by Telekom.Project: Documentation system for car financing.
  • 2006
  • We have developed the largest social network in Hungary, iWiW – International Who is Who and we were among the first in the world to carry out such a project.After attaining a tremendous success, with over 1,5 million users, we signed over the portal for nearly 4 million Euros. The buyer was Origo Zrt., the media company of Deutsche Telekom’s Hungarian branch.
  • Project: management of the Postal Services’ Electronic System.
  • 2007
  • Project: digitalisation of the print products of the Hungarian phone directory company
  • MTT.Project: online smart search engine for Magyar Telekom.
  • Project: management system for non-identified bank transfers (ECA) for Telenor.
  • Project: online training system for Magyar Telekom
  • 2008
  • Project: music e-commerce website
  • 2009
  • Project: bank safety management system for Hungary’s Central Bank
  • Project: strategic alliance with SUN Microsystems for the marketing of SUN MySql Enterprise and its customer care service
  • 2010
  • The company undergoes a tremendous growth phase: it relocates,  new business sectors are developed and the number of employees doubles.
  • Project: creation of the most significant database of Hungarian restaurants
  • 2012
  • We open our premises of Füred on lake Balaton, in view of the many business opportunities for IT development in this area.
  • Project: antique and online auction house website.
  • Project: information portal focused on tax law and labour and employment law for Wolters Kluwer Group’s Hungarian branch.
  • Project: social media advertising campaign supporting the charity activities of the Order of Malta in Hungary.
  • 2013
  • Project: Talent Screener, a software for professionals in the Human Resources sector. This software selects, in an almost autonomous fashion, the best candidates amongst those who have applied for a position, based on their skills.
  • Project: CV&More, a job search portal where there’s no need to upload one’s résumé
  • Project: business management IT system for Porsche Austria in collaboration with Qualisoft.
  • Project: software for the simulation of stock exchange trading for PlusQuote (Switzerland).
  • The future
  • Our vision for the future sees software and business as inseparable entities allowing us to provide our clients with the best solutions.
    The products designed and managed by Virgo are marketed by independent companies, thus opening up new business venues.

 Bids and tenders won

We are proud to have won several bids of the European Union in the past months. These resources have allowed us to turn some of our ideas into actual products, now available on the market.

We pay close attention to projects undertaken thanks to the call for tenders of the European Union since they enable us to acquire new skills.

Furthermore, our focused and efficient use of EU financing is a testament to our company operating in an entirely transparent manner.