We always bear in mind that IT programmes function autonomously thanks to numerical codes, but also that people are just as critical for their functioning. Programmes are managed and used by people and it is people who developed them in the first place.

Virgo is an enterprise founded on endless learning.

The whole team undergoes a process of continuous education, keeping up-to-date on the latest technical solutions and on the sector’s best practices.
Our operations are optimised by constant support from the most qualified consultants.

By ‘agile’ we refer to both the approach and the mentality that characterise us as well as the special software development platform that we implement, which turns our products into something practical and easy to use.
This agile methodology is no miraculous panacea, but it increases enormously the chances for success, leveraging on teamwork. 

With this ‘agile’ approach, the clients’ projects are not merely designed to respond to their needs in a predetermined time frame and based on specific prerequisites. They are also developed to create products that are efficient, easy-to-use and completely satisfactory.  This is made possible by an engaging teamwork, which sees the clients themselves as leading characters.

A project where everyone believes to share a common ground, but where ideas actually differ radically is destined to failure.

This ‘agile’ methodology engages all parties in the development process, giving them the opportunity to play an active role in the software design phase.  The team that plans the software thus disposes of all the necessary tools to make fundamental decisions regarding the product that is being conceived.

Thanks to this ‘agile’ approach, a project is structured only after having clarified to all parties concerned what it entails exactly.  Before initiating the development phase, the so-called ‘Product Vision’ is laid down, a summarizing document that meticulously describes the goal, the target and the expectations based on which the product must be realised. This way, should there be any argument or difficulty during the work in progress, one can always refer to the ‘Product Vision’ to put the project back on the right track.