Capital City’s Traffic Congestion Monitoring Centre


We developed a geo-referenced application for the Municipality of Budapest to visualise the traffic flow within the city perimeter.




Social network created in 2002 

In the early years of social networks, Virgo Systems for long played a leading role: the creation and development of  iWiW started  on the eve of web 2.0.

In 2002, in a small garage, we came up and materialised the idea of an online network, Who Is Who, WiW.
Following its great success, in terms of registrations to the portal, we completely updated the site, renaming it iWiW (International Who Is Who). Within one year we reached the exorbitant figure of over 1 million users, becoming the Hungarian site with the highest number of subscribers.

In April 2006 we signed over iWiW to Deutsche Telekom’s Hungarian branch for nearly 4 million Euros.

With the advent of Facebook the social network market underwent a global revolution, but Virgo Systems’ expertise, knowledge and relations have only been strengthened,  just as its numerous personal connections.



 Pannon University Portal

Commissined by: Univeristy Pannon, Faculty of Economics 

We designed the website for the Economic Department of one of the largest Hungarian Universities: the portal is the main source of information for students, faculty and prospective applicants.





We developed a portal dedicated to employment search:  the registration form for the candidate’s data is so detailed to make the mailing of a CV redundant.

This simplifies and hastens the selection process on the part of employers, since they consequently dispose of univocal and easily comparable information for all candidates.





We developed an application dedicated to professionals in the human resources sector: based on the skills advertised in the classifieds, the programme is capable of automatically or semi-automatically sort out the candidates who match the criteria.



 Music tracks e-commerce

Commissioned by: Origo Zrt.

We were hired by Origo Zrt., the media group of Deutsche Telekom’s Hungarian branch, to design an e-commerce site for musical tracks, aiming at distributing several hundred thousand DRM-protected tracks.



 Antique and online auction house

Commissioned: BÁV Zrt.

Overall online repositioning of the still active, oldest Hungarian auction house.

The portal was renovated graphically in its entirety, an e-commerce section was added, and the possibility to take part to auctions directly via the web was introduced.



 Phone directories

Commissioned by: MTT

The objective was to create an online version of the print directories and to facilitate targeted searches on the part of business users.

Particular attention was paid to search strings and their functioning, by designing  a system that simplified the identification of those listings that came closer to the user’s requests.



Commissioned by: Magyar Telekom, T-Online 

We designed a smart online customer care service for Deutsche Telekom’s Hungarian branch to search for subscribers: the product analyses a database of several million data.

With the aid of geo-referenced mapping and of a dedicated call centre in case of need, users can intuitively search for information on subscribers.



 Customer Service Management (CSM) for Invitel

Commissioned by: Invitel 

Remodelling of the TLC Company Invitel’s portal.

We designed a complex CSM system which was easily adjustable and modular: dedicated widgets were developed for the back end.