Time & Material


 Financial trading simulation programmes

Commissioned by: PlusQuote AG. Switzerland 

Scrum model for the development of mobile and web applications that simulate financial trading dynamics on the Swiss market.

Virgo Systems’ master scrum project involved three senior developers for the back end part, two specialised developers for the mobile section and a senior professional for the front end portion. This guaranteed success at international level.



 Business Management System for Concorde

Commissioned by: Concorde Zrt. 

In collaboration with the experts of Concorde, one of the largest Hungarian companies specialised in Private Equity and Private Management, we designed several applications for their investment operations.



 Receivables’ documentation system

Commissioned by: Unisys Zrt. 

As Unisys subcontractors, we took part in the design of the complex document management system of OTP, Hungary’s largest bank.