Anti-smoke website

Social Campaign

This is a portal supporting those who wish to quit smoking. The site features several sections with insights on the theme and keeps track of how smoke-addicts manage to quit.


 Pannon University Portal

Commissined by: Univeristy Pannon, Faculty of Economics 

We designed the website for the Economic Department of one of the largest Hungarian Universities: the portal is the main source of information for students, faculty and prospective applicants.



 Kaposvar municipality portal

Commissioned by: Kaposvár Municipality

The new portal of the town of Kaposvár has become a point of reference for all citizens: the site features functions and characteristics typical of a social network, combined with a classic Content Management System (CMS).

This allows for constant updating of content, which translates into the site being a source of information for all citizens.




Theme portal 

The great consensus garnered among Hungarian youths by the “Saint Joan High School” saga led to the creation of a site dedicated to fans, with functions and features that closely resemble those of a social network.

The web portal gained acknowledgements and popularity comparable to those attained by the novels themselves.