Bank safety management system

Commissioned by: MNB (Hungarian Central Bank) 

K2.NET-based system for access control and management of other bank safety issues.



 Phone directories

Commissioned by: MTT

The objective was to create an online version of the print directories and to facilitate targeted searches on the part of business users.

Particular attention was paid to search strings and their functioning, by designing  a system that simplified the identification of those listings that came closer to the user’s requests.



Commissioned by: Magyar Telekom, T-Online 

We designed a smart online customer care service for Deutsche Telekom’s Hungarian branch to search for subscribers: the product analyses a database of several million data.

With the aid of geo-referenced mapping and of a dedicated call centre in case of need, users can intuitively search for information on subscribers.



 Telekom SMS support

Commissioned by: Magyar Telekom 

Magyar Telekom, Deutsche Telekom’s Hungarian branch, adopted a Virgo Systems’ solution for the Customer Care service via text messages.
Users can request a subscriber’s phone number  or the name of the person associated to a certain number via text messaging.
The system is based on a smart search engine which, through few basic elements, can extrapolate the relevant data.



 Telekom professional assistance

Commissioned by: Magyar Telekom Zrt. 

For the “197” Customer care service we created a support system to search for companies and commercial entities on a topic-related basis: also the visualisation of geo-referenced maps was made available.



 Telekom online customer care

Commissioned by: Magyar Telekom Zrt.

For Deutsche Telekom’s Hungarian branch we developed an online customer care application for companies and individual subscribers.