Telematic System Management for the Hungarian Postal Services

Commissioned by: Hungarian Postal Services  

Virgo Systems contributed to the design of the IT architecture of the Hungarian Postal Services’ telematics system, as well as to the subsequent management of the server park necessary for the system’s operation.



 Budapest ELTE University’s Fidelity Program

Commissioned by: ELTE Plusz Kft. 

“ELTE Plus Card” is a system for the accumulation of points dedicated to students at ELTE University. We managed the system’s design and the development of the information portal relating the fidelity programme’s operating principles.



 Pannon University Portal

Commissined by: Univeristy Pannon, Faculty of Economics 

We designed the website for the Economic Department of one of the largest Hungarian Universities: the portal is the main source of information for students, faculty and prospective applicants.



 Search Portal Management

Commissined by: Allegro Group

Simulation software, elaborated for the Ministry of Finance, that can pre-emptively calculate the effects of a certain law on  taxes and levies.