Financial trading simulation programmes

Commissioned by: PlusQuote AG. Switzerland 

Scrum model for the development of mobile and web applications that simulate financial trading dynamics on the Swiss market.

Virgo Systems’ master scrum project involved three senior developers for the back end part, two specialised developers for the mobile section and a senior professional for the front end portion. This guaranteed success at international level.



 Capital City’s Traffic Congestion Monitoring Centre


We developed a geo-referenced application for the Municipality of Budapest to visualise the traffic flow within the city perimeter.



 Integrated Network of the Hungarian Postal Service

Commissioned by: Unisys Zrt. 

As Unisys subcontractors, we took part in the creation of the integrated IT system for the Hungarian Postal Services: a budget of 15 million Euros was allocated for this the project, which was the largest in year 2000.

Our team dealt mainly with applications related to the Front Office, which are still in use in the Post Offices.



 Online geographic information system

Commissioned by: MTT Publishing House

MTT Publishing House, which already featured in its portfolio interrelated online and offline products, developed new geographic information solutions.

Virgo Systems was commissioned to create an information portal on the events of the main Hungarian cities.




Social network created in 2002 

In the early years of social networks, Virgo Systems for long played a leading role: the creation and development of  iWiW started  on the eve of web 2.0.

In 2002, in a small garage, we came up and materialised the idea of an online network, Who Is Who, WiW.
Following its great success, in terms of registrations to the portal, we completely updated the site, renaming it iWiW (International Who Is Who). Within one year we reached the exorbitant figure of over 1 million users, becoming the Hungarian site with the highest number of subscribers.

In April 2006 we signed over iWiW to Deutsche Telekom’s Hungarian branch for nearly 4 million Euros.

With the advent of Facebook the social network market underwent a global revolution, but Virgo Systems’ expertise, knowledge and relations have only been strengthened,  just as its numerous personal connections.



 Tax Law & Labour and Employment Law Information portal

Commissioned by: Complex, publishing house of the Wolters Kluwer Group,

Complex owns several online editorial products that it wanted to re-launch in 2012.

The primary objective was to renovate the information website dedicated to Tax Law. With the subsequent creation of new portals on the part of the publishing house, we were entrusted with the design and implementation of a complex CMS system in order to manage, from a single back end, the content of three different websites: one on Tax Law, one on Labour and Employment Law and one with general information targeting law practicing.
The portals were developed with responsive technology, i.e. with optimized usability, whether the site is accessed from a computer, a tablet or a mobile device.2012


 Sovereign Order of Malta

Fund-raising Campaign for the Charity Programme  

Awareness and fund-raising campaign on social networks (among which Facebook) to support the charity activities of the Sovereign Order of Malta.
The video:



 Budapest ELTE University’s Fidelity Program

Commissioned by: ELTE Plusz Kft. 

“ELTE Plus Card” is a system for the accumulation of points dedicated to students at ELTE University. We managed the system’s design and the development of the information portal relating the fidelity programme’s operating principles.



 Pannon University Portal

Commissined by: Univeristy Pannon, Faculty of Economics 

We designed the website for the Economic Department of one of the largest Hungarian Universities: the portal is the main source of information for students, faculty and prospective applicants.



 Kaposvar municipality portal

Commissioned by: Kaposvár Municipality

The new portal of the town of Kaposvár has become a point of reference for all citizens: the site features functions and characteristics typical of a social network, combined with a classic Content Management System (CMS).

This allows for constant updating of content, which translates into the site being a source of information for all citizens.