Car financing system

Commissioned by: Budapest Bank, GE Capital 

We devised a management and process automation system for Budapest Bank, local branch of GE Capital, for the documentation, calculation and filing of credit lines and loan disbursements by car salesmen.

The system covers all procedures: from the negotiation of loan terms to collection.



 EuroPuppy CRM

Commissioned by: EuroPuppy

EuroPuppy, one of Virgo Systems’s long-standing customers, was the first client to ask for an exclusive entire developers’ team to operate in-house: a CRM system for the online Europuppy portal was conceived through scrum methodology.



 Phone directories

Commissioned by: MTT

The objective was to create an online version of the print directories and to facilitate targeted searches on the part of business users.

Particular attention was paid to search strings and their functioning, by designing  a system that simplified the identification of those listings that came closer to the user’s requests.