Integrated Network of the Hungarian Postal Service

Commissioned by: Unisys Zrt. 

As Unisys subcontractors, we took part in the creation of the integrated IT system for the Hungarian Postal Services: a budget of 15 million Euros was allocated for this the project, which was the largest in year 2000.

Our team dealt mainly with applications related to the Front Office, which are still in use in the Post Offices.



 Business management system for Porsche Austria

Commissioned by: Qualysoft Zrt. 

In partnership with Qualysoft, a dedicated team of developers designed a software for Porsche Austria that encompassed customer management, marketing processes’ coordination and the supervision of the production support mechanism.



 Business Management System for Vince, Publishing House

Commissioned by: Vince Kft. 

We developed a complex business management system for one of the largest Hungarian publishing houses.

The software encompasses all business processes: from invoicing to inventory, up to logistics.



 Non identifiable bank transfer management

Commissioned by: Telenor Hungary 

We won a competitive tender for a contract to elaborate the management system for the unidentified bank transfers of Telenor Hungary.

The TLC company can thus support the client in the accounting entry (whether automated or manually inserted) of the transfers made by unidentifiable customers.



 Receivables’ documentation system

Commissioned by: Unisys Zrt. 

As Unisys subcontractors, we took part in the design of the complex document management system of OTP, Hungary’s largest bank.



 Car financing system

Commissioned by: Budapest Bank, GE Capital 

We devised a management and process automation system for Budapest Bank, local branch of GE Capital, for the documentation, calculation and filing of credit lines and loan disbursements by car salesmen.

The system covers all procedures: from the negotiation of loan terms to collection.



 Bank safety management system

Commissioned by: MNB (Hungarian Central Bank) 

K2.NET-based system for access control and management of other bank safety issues.