Online Invoice Creator

Client: KBOSS Kft. 

For, leading company in the online invoicing software segment, we developed a new product to be introduced in their portfolio: “Invoice now” ( The system – targeting small and medium enterprises and designed with the aim of maximizing user experience, simplifies and speeds up the invoicing procedure, while guaranteeing full transparency in the event of a tax inspection.The new “digital account book” procedure is easy to use and supported by a responsive back-end Java-based system (


 Job listing

Commissioned by: Origo Zrt., media group of Deutsche Telekom’s Hungarian branch  

Business and private numbers’ database organised by geo-localisation: the portal is integrated with a mechanism  of promotional offers and a complex feedback system based on multiple variables.

The system is integrated with an online media centre through which companies can acquire advertising space in the site’s area of interest (for the online version) or in the directory (for the print version). Everything is dealt with in an automated and independent manner.


 Financial trading simulation programmes

Commissioned by: PlusQuote AG. Switzerland 

Scrum model for the development of mobile and web applications that simulate financial trading dynamics on the Swiss market.

Virgo Systems’ master scrum project involved three senior developers for the back end part, two specialised developers for the mobile section and a senior professional for the front end portion. This guaranteed success at international level.



 Real Estate Sector

Commissioned by: Otthon Centrum Plc.

Portal dedicated to the real estate sector and custom-made for Otthon Centrum agency: thanks to its features and the services offered, it has quickly become one of the most popular website in the field.



 Road Information Systems

Commissioned by: Útinform 

The company provides – for free and in real time – a plethora of useful information for travelling throughout the country: the service is delivered in Hungarian, English and German.

The custom-made system provides information on traffic and mobility on roads and highways, as well as weather reports and news regarding any roadwork or accidents along the way.



Commissioned by: OtthonCentrum Zrt. 

For the online real estate agency Otthon Centrum we created an accounting management system that dealt with lending activities, the buying and selling of real estate and customer liaisons.

The software links a network of over 800 agents throughout the nation.


 National Mobile Payment System, Hungary

Commissioned by: National Mobil Payment Plc. 

In collaboration with the National Mobile Payment Society we conducted the tests on the service software, the management of which was also entrusted to us.


 Online Shop of Antique Books


Commissioned by: Régi Könyvek Bt.

A book-selling e-commerce site based on a smart search engine, the website provides detailed and exhaustive information on the products on sale. It has become a point of reference for those who enjoy reading and for bibliophiles, who can find collector’s items here. The buying procedure is easy and straightforward thanks to personalised functions defined by the users themselves. The site also allows for purchases through auctions.


 Anti-smoke website

Social Campaign

This is a portal supporting those who wish to quit smoking. The site features several sections with insights on the theme and keeps track of how smoke-addicts manage to quit.


 EuroPuppy CRM

Commissioned by: EuroPuppy

EuroPuppy, one of Virgo Systems’s long-standing customers, was the first client to ask for an exclusive entire developers’ team to operate in-house: a CRM system for the online Europuppy portal was conceived through scrum methodology.



 Antique and online auction house

Commissioned: BÁV Zrt.

Overall online repositioning of the still active, oldest Hungarian auction house.

The portal was renovated graphically in its entirety, an e-commerce section was added, and the possibility to take part to auctions directly via the web was introduced.





We developed an application dedicated to professionals in the human resources sector: based on the skills advertised in the classifieds, the programme is capable of automatically or semi-automatically sort out the candidates who match the criteria.





We developed a portal dedicated to employment search:  the registration form for the candidate’s data is so detailed to make the mailing of a CV redundant.

This simplifies and hastens the selection process on the part of employers, since they consequently dispose of univocal and easily comparable information for all candidates.



 Business management system for Porsche Austria

Commissioned by: Qualysoft Zrt. 

In partnership with Qualysoft, a dedicated team of developers designed a software for Porsche Austria that encompassed customer management, marketing processes’ coordination and the supervision of the production support mechanism.



 Kaposvar municipality portal

Commissioned by: Kaposvár Municipality

The new portal of the town of Kaposvár has become a point of reference for all citizens: the site features functions and characteristics typical of a social network, combined with a classic Content Management System (CMS).

This allows for constant updating of content, which translates into the site being a source of information for all citizens.



 Toll e-payment system (HU-GO)

Commissioned by: NISZ Zrt. 

When the highway toll e-payment service was launched, we developed its quality control system: the audit concerned the software’s  technology levels, process organisation and the IT operating system.

Afterwards, the National Society for Info-Communication Services – NISZ hired us for the management of the whole system.



 Tax Law & Labour and Employment Law Information portal

Commissioned by: Complex, publishing house of the Wolters Kluwer Group,

Complex owns several online editorial products that it wanted to re-launch in 2012.

The primary objective was to renovate the information website dedicated to Tax Law. With the subsequent creation of new portals on the part of the publishing house, we were entrusted with the design and implementation of a complex CMS system in order to manage, from a single back end, the content of three different websites: one on Tax Law, one on Labour and Employment Law and one with general information targeting law practicing.
The portals were developed with responsive technology, i.e. with optimized usability, whether the site is accessed from a computer, a tablet or a mobile device.2012



Theme portal 

The great consensus garnered among Hungarian youths by the “Saint Joan High School” saga led to the creation of a site dedicated to fans, with functions and features that closely resemble those of a social network.

The web portal gained acknowledgements and popularity comparable to those attained by the novels themselves.


 Sports community portal

Commissioned by: Edzesonline Kft.

We completely remodelled the portal of the most renowned online sports community in Hungary.

We renovated both the graphics and the structure, developing a new platform, the software of which was planned in collaboration with the client’s team of experts.



 KLAPP Dating Site


Commissioned by: Origo Zrt., Media Company of Deutsche Telekom’s Hungarian Branch, Magyar Telekom

Virgo Systems, in collaboration with Origo, the Media Group Subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, designed a dating site based on the iWiW social network.

Since then the site has grown considerably and was endowed with user authentication via Facebook.


 Sovereign Order of Malta

Fund-raising Campaign for the Charity Programme  

Awareness and fund-raising campaign on social networks (among which Facebook) to support the charity activities of the Sovereign Order of Malta.
The video:



 Publishing House – SEO activities for news sites

Commissioned by: Ringier Zrt.;

We optimised the products of Ringier publishing house in order to improve the way search engines spot, analyse and track Ringier’s websites.

The publishing house availed itself of Virgo Systems’ collaboration to ensure that the content search string within the websites of each editorial product was optimized and offered the best possible experience to end-users.



 Budapest ELTE University’s Fidelity Program

Commissioned by: ELTE Plusz Kft. 

“ELTE Plus Card” is a system for the accumulation of points dedicated to students at ELTE University. We managed the system’s design and the development of the information portal relating the fidelity programme’s operating principles.



 Search Portal Management

Commissined by: Allegro Group

Simulation software, elaborated for the Ministry of Finance, that can pre-emptively calculate the effects of a certain law on  taxes and levies.



 Online geographic information system

Commissioned by: MTT Publishing House

MTT Publishing House, which already featured in its portfolio interrelated online and offline products, developed new geographic information solutions.

Virgo Systems was commissioned to create an information portal on the events of the main Hungarian cities.



 Bank safety management system

Commissioned by: MNB (Hungarian Central Bank) 

K2.NET-based system for access control and management of other bank safety issues.



 SUN Microsystems

Commissioned by: SUN Microsystems  

Virgo Systems signed a strategic alliance agreement with SUN Microsystems for the marketing and the customer care service of SUN MySql Enterprise.

Aside from license distribution, the assignment consisted of IT consulting services and customer training programmes for the use of the MySql database.



 Business Management System for Concorde

Commissioned by: Concorde Zrt. 

In collaboration with the experts of Concorde, one of the largest Hungarian companies specialised in Private Equity and Private Management, we designed several applications for their investment operations.



 Pannon University Portal

Commissined by: Univeristy Pannon, Faculty of Economics 

We designed the website for the Economic Department of one of the largest Hungarian Universities: the portal is the main source of information for students, faculty and prospective applicants.



 Yellow Pages

Commissined by: MTT 

Virgo Systems was appointed to re-launch the MTT publishing house’s online products, the Hungarian phone directories in particular. The objective was to create an online version of the print directories and to facilitate targeted searches on the part of business users.

Particular attention was paid to search strings and their functioning, by designing  a system that simplified the identification of those listings that came closer to the user’s requests.


 Music tracks e-commerce

Commissioned by: Origo Zrt.

We were hired by Origo Zrt., the media group of Deutsche Telekom’s Hungarian branch, to design an e-commerce site for musical tracks, aiming at distributing several hundred thousand DRM-protected tracks.


Commissioned by: Magyar Telekom, T-Online 

We designed a smart online customer care service for Deutsche Telekom’s Hungarian branch to search for subscribers: the product analyses a database of several million data.

With the aid of geo-referenced mapping and of a dedicated call centre in case of need, users can intuitively search for information on subscribers.



 Phone directories

Commissioned by: MTT

The objective was to create an online version of the print directories and to facilitate targeted searches on the part of business users.

Particular attention was paid to search strings and their functioning, by designing  a system that simplified the identification of those listings that came closer to the user’s requests.



 Intranet for Magyar Telekom

Commissioned by: Magyar Telekom  

We developed a  software for the intranet of Deutsche Telekom’s Hungarian branch to simplify the organisation and management of the processes related to internal communication, training activities and the like.



 Non identifiable bank transfer management

Commissioned by: Telenor Hungary 

We won a competitive tender for a contract to elaborate the management system for the unidentified bank transfers of Telenor Hungary.

The TLC company can thus support the client in the accounting entry (whether automated or manually inserted) of the transfers made by unidentifiable customers.



 Telematic System Management for the Hungarian Postal Services

Commissioned by: Hungarian Postal Services  

Virgo Systems contributed to the design of the IT architecture of the Hungarian Postal Services’ telematics system, as well as to the subsequent management of the server park necessary for the system’s operation.



 Customer Service Management (CSM) for Invitel

Commissioned by: Invitel 

Remodelling of the TLC Company Invitel’s portal.

We designed a complex CSM system which was easily adjustable and modular: dedicated widgets were developed for the back end.



 Car financing system

Commissioned by: Budapest Bank, GE Capital 

We devised a management and process automation system for Budapest Bank, local branch of GE Capital, for the documentation, calculation and filing of credit lines and loan disbursements by car salesmen.

The system covers all procedures: from the negotiation of loan terms to collection.



 Telekom SMS support

Commissioned by: Magyar Telekom 

Magyar Telekom, Deutsche Telekom’s Hungarian branch, adopted a Virgo Systems’ solution for the Customer Care service via text messages.
Users can request a subscriber’s phone number  or the name of the person associated to a certain number via text messaging.
The system is based on a smart search engine which, through few basic elements, can extrapolate the relevant data.



 Telekom professional assistance

Commissioned by: Magyar Telekom Zrt. 

For the “197” Customer care service we created a support system to search for companies and commercial entities on a topic-related basis: also the visualisation of geo-referenced maps was made available.



 Receivables’ documentation system

Commissioned by: Unisys Zrt. 

As Unisys subcontractors, we took part in the design of the complex document management system of OTP, Hungary’s largest bank.



 Programming media database management

Commissioned by: Pesti Est Zrt. 

Design of a system that sorts all events mentioned in the various publications (print and online) of the Pesti Est Publishing House into 8 categories.



 Forestry company business management system

Commissioned by: Mecsekerdő Zrt. 

For the largest Hungarian forestry company we developed a particular geo-referencing software capable of assisting the firm in its daily operations: from choosing where to plant trees to deciding where to deforest.



 DirektMester BPM

Commissioned by: DirektMester 

Design and implementation of an online Business Project Management system  (BPM) for a start-up specialised in quick repair service in the construction sector: the software supports the company in the B2C activities.

This start-up has quickly become a point of reference in the Hungarian construction sector, joining the Biggeorge’s Holding / Dome Facility Services Group network.


 Telekom online customer care

Commissioned by: Magyar Telekom Zrt.

For Deutsche Telekom’s Hungarian branch we developed an online customer care application for companies and individual subscribers.




Social network created in 2002 

In the early years of social networks, Virgo Systems for long played a leading role: the creation and development of  iWiW started  on the eve of web 2.0.

In 2002, in a small garage, we came up and materialised the idea of an online network, Who Is Who, WiW.
Following its great success, in terms of registrations to the portal, we completely updated the site, renaming it iWiW (International Who Is Who). Within one year we reached the exorbitant figure of over 1 million users, becoming the Hungarian site with the highest number of subscribers.

In April 2006 we signed over iWiW to Deutsche Telekom’s Hungarian branch for nearly 4 million Euros.

With the advent of Facebook the social network market underwent a global revolution, but Virgo Systems’ expertise, knowledge and relations have only been strengthened,  just as its numerous personal connections.



 Capital City’s Traffic Congestion Monitoring Centre


We developed a geo-referenced application for the Municipality of Budapest to visualise the traffic flow within the city perimeter.



 Macroeconomic simulation

Commissioned by: Tárki Zrt. 

Simulation software, elaborated for the Ministry of Finance, that can pre-emptively calculate the effects of a certain law on  taxes and levies.



 Business Management System for Vince, Publishing House

Commissioned by: Vince Kft. 

We developed a complex business management system for one of the largest Hungarian publishing houses.

The software encompasses all business processes: from invoicing to inventory, up to logistics.



 Integrated Network of the Hungarian Postal Service

Commissioned by: Unisys Zrt. 

As Unisys subcontractors, we took part in the creation of the integrated IT system for the Hungarian Postal Services: a budget of 15 million Euros was allocated for this the project, which was the largest in year 2000.

Our team dealt mainly with applications related to the Front Office, which are still in use in the Post Offices.