A global service for the testing of mobile phone applications on an international scale.  


A solution for the testing of mobile phone applications at global level that is based on cloud technology: the service operates on an international scale and is particularly effective.

The testing is not conducted in a simulated environment, but is carried out by real users specialised in the assessment of Apps. An international network of external people tests the product personally through their own devices for development companies dealing with mobile application services. This way, the test results are gathered in a few hours, without the in house burden of having to own all the devices currently on the market.



An efficient tool to gauge users’ interest towards online content.  


A dynamic and responsive platform to offer content to users pertaining topics that match their interests.

The innovative feature of this programme is that after a very low number of clicks on the part of the user, it can infer which will be his/her next step: this way the platform can offer tailored content or focused e-commerce solutions.

Based on the analysis of the user’s behaviour, the algorithm blends the statistical method with the dynamic approach, keeping itself always up-to-date thanks to the acquired data.
The user doesn’t see regular advertisements, but comes across content offers that are relevant to its surfing (for instance if the user is reading travel articles, the programme puts forward restaurants, hotels or local events).

The system responds first of all to the requirements of the website owners and managers, who can easily integrate the research and tuning programme according to their needs. Solutions to business management problems are based on tangible data, with a nearly immediate response time.



Buying and selling platform in the real estate sector. 


This platform allows real estate agents and banks to gather their offers in a single high quality database and thus amplify their sales networks.

This solution was devised by specialised programmers together with a team of real estate professionals, who took into account the real needs of people working in the sector.



It allows for instant messaging to one’s clients’ mobile phones at a much lower fare than a text message (SMS).  

Pushapp is a service targeting content providers: it allows for instant messaging to one’s clients’ mobile phones at a much lower fare than a text message (SMS).

On the other hand, end users can take advantage of this service to gather useful information. The ‘Push notification’ in fact collects the requested updates based on their preferences.