Strategic consulting

Whether it is a question of developing an idea, a project still in the embryonic phase or an existing programme, we are here to help. We are capable of turning the best ideas into successful solutions, generating a return on investments: this comes as a result of our decade-long experience in the business web arena, of our professional skills and of our wide network of relations. Our support allows start-ups and already existing projects to become well-known enterprises.
  • Concept development of a business or product
  • Analysis of opportunities and definition of requirements
  • ‘User story’ definition
  • Support in the positioning on the market
  • Consulting to Start-ups: We are capable of turning the best ideas into successful solutions, generating a return on investments
  • ‘Product vision’ design
  • Assistance in the selection of business ideas and subsequent testing
  • Feasibility study
  • Support in the Research and Development and Innovation projects  – R+D+I

IT Consulting

By working on various projects for clients in the most diverse sectors, we acquired extensive experience and built a wide network of relations: this is why we can come up with viable solutions even to the most complex IT requirements. We speak the same language, whether you have IT knowledge or not. We have no problems when asked to find a solution to critical issues, working just as well even  with the most exacting and scrupulous developers. We are at your disposal to lay the grounds for your project with the utmost professionalism, anticipating and preventing any likely crisis or issues that could occur along the way.
  • A team of senior software developers working in synergy
  • Creation of scalable software
  • Performance analysis
  • Integration
  • Business Process Management, BPM
  • Crisis Management
  • Software control, auditing


UX (user experience)

A system that merely does its job and can boast only a passable design is bound for mediocrity and hardly ever leads to success. The competitive advantage of a software solution and its marketability stem mostly from product usability, site ergonomics and the overall experience it offers to the end-user. That is why we meticulously analyse existing systems, our own ideas, and projects, by putting our prototypes and beta versions through the most scrupulous testing - conducted by people, not automated. Generally, if you want to turn visitors into paying customers or if you want to make your software more user-friendly, the adjustments to be made are plentiful and we are just the right people to turn to.
  • Analysis and testing of end-users’ experience
  • Testing and planning of processes
  • Optimisation of conversions (turning visitors into active participants and thus commercial contacts for the firm)
  • A/B Testing
  • Optimisation
  • Clickable prototype creation (Axure technology)
  • Micro-copywriting (UI text breakdown)
  • Planning and optimization of responsive sites (optimised usability in case of access from a computer, tablet or mobile device)


The uniqueness, modernity and competitive advantage of your brand is in good hands with us, right from the initial design stages. Starting with the creative elements of your logo and brand identity, which represent your corporate or product image, we will decline the resulting design into all the portal’s features. It is not purely and simply a matter of “image” however:  we strive to understand and embrace our clients’ marketing strategy, applying it throughout our design phase. In this way we make sure that the logo doesn’t turn out to be an end in itself, but rather becomes a creative element aimed at achieving the company’s business objectives.
  • Creative concept development
  • Logo Design
  • Corporate and product identity development
  • Web Design
  • Mobile Web Design for smartphones and tablets
  • Graphic interface (UI elements) and logos
  • Picture Design
  • Photo insertions (of our own production of from photo archives)
  • Production of video-clips/films and cartoons
  • 3D and rendering


Time & Material

Our highly professional and close-knit team doesn’t simply develop software: it guarantees effective solutions that can satisfy any requirement the clients may have. The clients are constantly in control of the project they entrusted us with, regardless of which procedure we choose to implement. In order to create a software, Virgo Systems adopts both the “agile” approach and the “waterfall” process, in which production follows a linear progression of phases that comprises: analysis of requirements, planning, development, testing and maintenance. The “agile” procedure implies instead the presence of a client representative within the team involved in software development: this allows for the planning and production of the most suitable solution, while being able to straighten  any inaccuracy or inadequacy while the work is still in progress. We favour the “agile” approach because it gives us a competitive advantage: not only in terms of costs, but also as far as performance, thanks to the extensive experience of our professionals, their propensity for teamwork and their innovation-oriented attitude.


Our team can create support systems that vary in complexity, from the most basic to the more complex ones, capable of managing millions of users.  We pay particular attention not only to the speed of  the software’s performance , but also to the codes (algorithms) we use. We can meet any need: from design to business management based on an Information Technology Infrastructure Library
  • Software design and architecture, consulting
  • Flexible framework (Virgo Spica)
  • PHP and Java Programming
  • HTML5 / CSS3 / JS-fronted development
  • Agile Project Management, scrum technique
  • Mobile application development for iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • Team dedicated to the supervision of quality standard maintenance

System management

Software system management is a delicate endeavour that implies a close relationship of trust, regardless of whether the software was developed by us or by a third party. We take particular care with the system reliability and its perfect operational functioning, optimizing time and resources at disposal. We constantly use monitoring and alert systems at the leading edge of technology to spot any possible malfunctioning or error, to minimize the risks and promptly solve the problem. A qualified team of developers is dedicated to such vigilance around the clock and is ready to take action in case of emergencies or overloaded systems.
  • Consulting
  • Creation of monitoring and alert systems
  • System optimisation
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Cloud hosting solutions
  • Security, ethical hacking
  • Load balancing
  • Cluster, high availability
  • HA
  • Subsequent product support
  • System Audit

 Digital communication

Positioning on the market and online campaigns

Whatever web project you have in mind, it will be successful only if users know about it: your target must be your priority, regardless of your objective. Whether you are launching a product on the market, designing an online community or aiming at growth in terms of revenues or sales, we can provide cutting-edge tools to reach your objective and spread your message creatively and expediently. Our results and performance are always analyzed and measurable.
  • Campaign concept development
  • Media Planning
  • Online advertising campaigns, Pay Per View, PPV
  • Online advertising campaigns, Pay Per Click, PPC
  • Direct Email Marketing systems, DEM
  • Search Engine Marketing, SEM
  • Copywriting
  • Design and production of campaign micro-sites
  • Social media planning and content management
  • Analysis, interpretation of portals/sites analytics